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Windows10 Security Updates

Microsoft Ends Windows 10 Support in 2025

Support for Windows 10 ends on October 14, 2025. End of support means that Microsoft will no longer provide bug fixes for issues, security fixes for vulnerabilities, time zone updates, or technical support for problems that might occur.  What does this mean for businesses with Windows 10 devices? The primary option is to upgrade to Windows […]

What is a Modern Workplace?

In recent years, you’ve probably seen the concept of “Modern Workplace” more than ever. What does it mean to work in a modern workplace? How can my organization modernize in the digital age? We’re here to answer these questions and more. What is a Modern Workplace? The workplace is no longer confined to a traditional […]

Why Should You Be Using Microsoft Lists?

Microsoft 365 offers a variety of productivity apps, some you might not even know about! Did you realize Microsoft Lists was one of them? This app can help your team track tasks or projects and stay organized from anywhere. Here are the top reasons why you should be using Microsoft Lists for work: Customizable Lists […]