Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Deliver Fast and Personalized Service

Dynamics 365 Customer Service provides organizations with a unified platform to manage customer interactions, resolve issues efficiently, and deliver exceptional experiences. With its intelligent automation capabilities, this solution enables businesses to automate routine tasks, route inquiries to the right agents, and leverage AI-driven insights to proactively address customer needs.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

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Enhance Agent Efficiency

  • View everything on one multisession desktop
  • Search for resolved issues and knowledge articles with AI
  • Get real-time insights and visibility into active conversations
  • Access 360-degree views of each customer’s journey
  • Bring experts together with Microsoft Teams and case swarming
  • Use intelligent routing to classify and assign issues

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Optimize Service Operations

  • Use customer and channel analytics to track KPIs
  • Identify areas of improvement with conversational analytics
  • Eliminate manual processes 700+ prebuilt flows

Use Dynamics 365 on any device!

Know Your Customers

  • Tailor personalized offers with customer journey analytics
  • Use sentiment analysis to understand customer needs
  • Track customer behavior to increase revenue and satisfaction
  • Verify customer identities with biometric authentication

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Empower Self-Service

  • Resolve issues quickly with AI-powered chatbots
  • Provide immediate access to knowledge articles
  • Create personalized community portals for tips and insights

Implementation Packages

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

$95 per user/month
  • Includes: Unlimited named users, Case Management, Knowledge Management, Mobile, Unified Service Desk, Embedded Intelligence, Creation of Leads

Attach an Additional Module

$115 per user/month
  • Customers can now purchase a “base” license for each Dynamics 365 user within their organization. Then, they may add one or more “attach” licenses to each base license. You can attach these modules: Sales, Customer Service, Field Service. Project Automation must be purchased as a base license. Reach out to us for more information.

AI x Dynamics 365 Customer Service

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