Multi-Entity Management

What is Multi-Entity Management?

Multi-Entity Management

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Features and Benefits of MEM

Merge Multiple Legal Entities

Maintain consistent customer, vendor, item, and fixed asset master data for easy sharing

Greater Visibility

MEM provides consolidated real-time reporting for all business entities

Add User-Entity Security

The security layer is fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics

Modernize Financial Reporting

The security layer is fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics

Increase Company Productivity

Streamline processes and eliminate redundant error-prone tasks

A Scalable Solution

Facilitates the addition of new entities to help your business grow

Implementing Multi-Entity Management


Implementing MEM into your Microsoft Dynamics or Dynamics 365 Business Central is simple with Opal. Our experts are here to make the transition process effective and effortless. They will simultaneously provide you with the knowledge necessary to functionally operate MEM and incorporate it into your workflow.

Multi-Entity Management

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