Microsoft Azure Enhances Healthcare Solutions

Craneware, a prominent provider of value cycle solutions for the healthcare industry, has forged a strategic partnership with Microsoft aimed at leveraging the Azure cloud platform, driving technical innovation, and collaborating on marketing efforts. This alliance with Microsoft Azure is set to deliver enhanced offerings and added value to healthcare customers through the integration of AI, data analytics, and other modern technologies. As part of the agreement, Craneware’s cloud-based platform ‘Trisus’ and selected offerings will be accessible on the Azure Marketplace, streamlining deployment and offering benefits such as budget optimization and predictable cloud expenditures under the Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC) agreement.

The collaboration between Craneware and Microsoft is expected to accelerate innovation within the healthcare sector by harnessing Azure’s robust tools and services. This initiative will not only simplify the acquisition process for healthcare organizations seeking to deploy the Trisus Platform but also enhance Craneware’s cloud capabilities by leveraging Microsoft Azure’s advanced features. Crucially, the partnership includes joint efforts to enhance Trisus applications with AI enhancements, underscoring a shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of healthcare revenue integrity solutions.

Microsoft Health & Life Sciences senior director Gareth Hall emphasized the transformative potential of the partnership, stating, “By combining the power of Microsoft Azure and its AI capabilities with Craneware’s innovative solutions, we are thrilled to support healthcare providers in improving operational efficiency and financial performance, ultimately enhancing patient care quality.” This sentiment was echoed by Craneware Group CEO and co-founder Keith Neilson, who sees the partnership as a pivotal milestone in their quest to revolutionize healthcare business practices and foster future technological advancements.

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