Why Should You Be Using Microsoft Lists?

Microsoft 365 offers a variety of productivity apps, some you might not even know about! Did you realize Microsoft Lists was one of them? This app can help your team track tasks or projects and stay organized from anywhere.

Here are the top reasons why you should be using Microsoft Lists for work:

Customizable Lists

You can create many different types of Lists. Common ones include:

  • Calendar View
  • Task List
  • Issue Tracking List
  • Announcement List
  • Contacts List
  • Asset List
  • Inventory List

Microsoft Lists allows you to customize columns and fields to input the exact information you need. It’s also simple to add, remove, or edit these columns when you need to.

Issue tracker in Microsoft Lists showing a list of issues along with description, severity, status, and who each issue is assigned to.

Image: Microsoft

Real-Time Collaboration

When working with colleagues on a project, you always want to be on the same page and be aware of any updates or progress. You can use Microsoft Lists to collaborate with your team in real time. Multiple people can edit your list simultaneously, and you can see all the changes as they happen.

Access Lists Anywhere

If you write your to-do lists by hand, it can get frustrating when you’re on the go and can’t remember everything you jotted down. With Microsoft Lists, you’re able to access your Microsoft Lists from any device!

Automated Workflows

You can use Microsoft Power Automate to create automated workflows that streamline repetitive tasks, such as sending notifications or creating new list items based on specific criteria.

An applicant’s information shown on an HR recruiting list within Microsoft Teams

Image: Microsoft

Integrate with other Microsoft Tools

Microsoft Lists integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft tools, such as Teams and SharePoint, making it easy to access and share information across your organization.

A list of sessions for an event, including details about each session, shown within Microsoft Teams.

Image: Microsoft

Microsoft Lists can change the way you work and take your productivity to a new level. If your business needs Microsoft 365 licensing, allow us to help! Click below for more information.

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