eConnect Error 944 with MC Journal Entries


The following error is logged with importing journal entries with a foreign currency on GP2015R2 or earlier.

Error Number = 944  Stored Procedure= taGLTransactionHeaderInsert  Error Description = Unbalanced journal entry, the credits do not equal the debits


In some situations when you have a journal entry in foreign currency, there will be a rounding adjustment required to convert to the functional currency.  The screenshot below shows a manual example in CAD.
eConnect MC Rounding Issue 1

The screenshot below is viewing the same entry in functional currency.  The last distribution was not manually added to the entry.  After clicking the Save button, GP automatically creates it.  GP converts each line individually to functional currency and rounds to 2 decimals.  This potentially creates the sitution where the debits and credits do not balance.  GP creates the additional line with the account defined in the currency account setup or the posting account setup to make the entry balance.

eConnect MC Rounding Issue 2

When importing the same entry via eConnect, if failed to create the additional distribution for the rounding difference on GP2015R2.  Thus, the error indicating the credits do not equal the debits are related to functional currency totals.


The client was on GP2015R2.  It appears that there is a bug in the taGLTransactionHeaderInsert stored procedure.  I compared the same procedure with the GP2016R2 version.  The GP2015R2 version was missing the @ACCTTYPE logic.  I believe this creates the additional distribution line to balance the currency conversion adjustments.  I scripted the GP2016R2 stored procedure and updated it to GP2015R2.  Everything appears to be working as expected.

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