The Future of Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP

For many organizations relying on Microsoft Dynamics GP, concerns have arisen amidst speculations about its potential discontinuation. In today’s blog, we delve into the heart of these uncertainties, seeking clarity on what lies ahead for Dynamics GP.

Microsoft Dynamics GP isn’t going anywhere.

Mike Morton, Microsoft’s Vice President of Dynamics 365 Business Central, provided these reassuring details regarding the future of Dynamics GP on LinkedIn:

“Microsoft is fully committed to supporting our Dynamics GP customers. This will include new releases (e.g., 18.6, 18.7, 18.8, …) for the foreseeable future on the same timeline and schedule as we have done in the past several years, as outlined in the GP Modern Support Lifecycle.

If you are an existing GP customer, you can be confident in using Dynamics GP to run your business for years to come.

New releases will contain regulatory (tax), security updates, and hotfixes, ensuring GP remains up to date.

New releases will also include updates in usability, reliability, addressing top customer issues, and other areas that are critical in ensuring businesses run successfully on GP.”

“It is the case that Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics 365 Finance + SCM will be products which will see the majority of Microsoft’s investments in ERP. We do encourage customers to talk with their partner about whether one of these products may be a good fit, while being assured that Dynamics GP will continue to be updated and supported, allowing customers to make the choice that is right for their business.”

From this post, we see that while Dynamics GP will continue to be supported, Microsoft will be primarily investing in Dynamics 365.

Important Dates

Microsoft released important dates related to the future of Dynamics GP and its pricing.

October 1, 2023: There will be a 9% increase in Dynamics GP Subscription license pricing. There will be a 1% increase in Enhancement Plan pricing.

April 1, 2025: Perpetual license sales for Dynamics GP to new customers will end. New customers can still purchase Dynamics GP on the Subscription license model after this date.

April 1, 2026: Subscription license sales for Dynamics GP to new customers will end. No new Dynamics GP sales to new customers can be made after this date.


At Opal Business Solutions, we’ve been partners with our very first Dynamics GP customer since 2001, and our dedication will continue until Microsoft completes its support. If you have any questions related to the future of Microsoft Dynamics GP and how we can help, please fill out the form below.

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