The Latest Tools for Success in Dynamics GP

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Robin, our Senior Business Systems Consultant, reveals the Dynamics GP features you need to start using.

Platform and System-Wide Enhancements 

Comprehensive document attachment 

In the latest release, OLE notes have gotten a replacement with a much more robust feature for document attachments.  Looking past the standard OLE notes we now have the expanded availability of the document attachment feature. It can now be accessed in additional master record windows, inquiries, and transaction entry windows. Additionally, the option to attach new documents in Inquiry windows has been included. To access the document attachment feature, simply click on the ribbon in the relevant transaction entry window, as demonstrated in the accompanying illustration. 

User Experience Enhancements 

Unique passwords can be entered for individual SmartList favorites

More security around the SmartList introduces individual SmartList favorites. They now have the option to be assigned unique passwords. These passwords restrict modifications to the favorite to only those who know the password, providing an added layer of security. In previous versions, anyone who knew the system password could make changes to the favorite. 

Financials Enhancements 

Print a single statement from Customer Maintenance 

No more running through an entire routine for one customer statement. You now have the ability to print a statement for a single customer. The statement will utilize the assigned statement format from the Receivables Setup window. 

One payment per invoice set or one payment per-vendor 

Rather than fritzing with the select checks window to achieve one check per vendor, in the Vendor Maintenance window, under options, you now have the ability to choose between making payments on individual invoices or selecting a single payment per vendor. By default, when you build payment batches using the Build Payment Batch window, a single payment will be generated per vendor. 

Display Hold status in the sales transaction entry 

And finally, the never-ending flipping back and forth through windows to find the invoice on hold. In the Sales Transaction Entry and Sales Transaction Inquiry Zoom windows, you now have the ability to display a Hold status for transactions that have that status. An icon will be shown, which can be selected to quickly navigate to the sales process Hold window. 

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