4 Reasons to Upgrade to Jet Reports Professional

Jet Professional is a fast, flexible financial and business reporting solution inside of Excel. The professional version of Jet Reports offers many features and functions that the Express version does not. These features allow users to quickly build advanced financial and business reports and access them from any mobile device. Here are few reasons for upgrading to Jet Professional.

1.The Drilldown Feature:

Jet Professional offers the Drilldown feature, which allows you to view the underlying transactions that are reflected in the balance. The Drilldown feature opens the Jet Drilldown window which displays a table of the transactions that can be filtered. The transaction table can also be exported into a new Excel workbook for additional analysis.

2. NP Function

The Professional version of Jet includes the NP function, which is a utility function that can be used with other Jet functions. This function can be used to return a list of the companies associated with a data source, return an array containing the current user’s Jet data sources, return a string that can be used to generate dates using a Replicator, and many other things.

The following example formats a date range from 1/1/04 to 12/31/04.


This above function will return 1/1/04..12/31/04. The first argument tells Jet that this NP function will create a date filter that can be used by an NL function. The second argument is the start date of the filter, and the last argument is the end date of the filter.

The next example evaluates the volatile Excel Now() function, preventing it from slowing down your report.


The above function will return the current date and time. The first argument tells Jet that this NP function will evaluate a function or formula. The second argument is the function or formula to evaluate.

The following example takes the intersection of two arrays.


The above function will return {2, 3}. The first argument tells Jet that this NP function will return the intersection of two arrays. The second and third arguments are the arrays for which to find the intersection.

3. NF Function

The NF function provides a fast way get multiple fields from your NL. The NF function is a shortcut that will return the value of a field in a record. One or more NF functions can be used with a single NL function that has the NL field parameter left blank.

NF Function Examples:

This NF returns the Net Change flow field from the record key in cell A3 and filters it for January 2002.
=NF(A3,”Net Change”,”Date Filter”,”1/1/2002..1/31/2002″)

This NF returns the Name field from the NL record key in cell B3.

This NF returns the City field from the NL record key in cell B3.

4. Jet Web Portal

The professional version comes with the Jet Web Portal. The portal offers report permissions, version control, sharing, and search capabilities. The Jet Web Portal allows users to access the reports from the web browser weather they have Excel and the Jet add-in installed or not. The portal also allows you to schedule reports to be emailed to a user or distribution list.

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