GP/CRM Connector – Invoices Only with Write-In Products

In the middle of an implementation of CRM 2015, a client of ours expressed that they needed the invoices to come over into CRM from GP without Products.  We reviewed the connector and tried multiple attempts, but the invoices would fail if the invoice in GP was tied to a product in GP.  Even if […]

OLE Notes Window in GP Not Appearing

In a terminal server environment where GP is deployed as a remote app, and users have dual monitors, the notes window may be hidden.  Someone may have launched the notes window and moved between monitors or sized it differently within their session.  GP or Windows is remembering the position and size.  When another user is […]

Altec Webinar Recording

Did you miss our Altec webinar? Check out the recording below! Do these situations sound familiar to you? Too much paper, convoluted access to documents, and/or no control over day-to-day processes and time? The concept of business productivity can become a reality by adopting a document management initiative and automating age-old paper practices. Join this […]

Microsoft Dynamics GP Workflow

Dynamics GP users may experience an issue with workflow emails not functioning.  The Test Email will work, but the actual workflow does not initiate the email to an intended recipient. When sending the email, Dynamics GP relies on Active Directory account information. The Active Directory user maintenance screen must have an email address field entered […]