GP/CRM Connector – Invoices Only with Write-In Products

In the middle of an implementation of CRM 2015, a client of ours expressed that they needed the invoices to come over into CRM from GP without Products.  We reviewed the connector and tried multiple attempts, but the invoices would fail if the invoice in GP was tied to a product in GP.  Even if the setting in the connector was non-inventory, the connector was overwriting the setting.  We opened a Microsoft support ticket and in the end, they stated that the products would have to come over.

Being that this didn’t seem correct, I was able to figure out a way to resolve the issue.  I was able to edit a view in GP which is used by the GP Web Services.  The view is called, ReqSOLineView and by changing the NONINVEN value to 1 (two locations in the view), the system now thinks that all equipment is Non-Inventory and therefore, can be brought over into CRM as a Write-In Product.


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