The Importance of Strong Passwords

Do you remember what your first password was? It was probably something very simple like your petsname1 or awesome321. Password criteria has since changed over the years as we use technology more and more through our daily activities. Bank accounts, social media accounts, email accounts, credit card accounts, and much more, all require a password. […]

This email might be a scam. How can I tell?

Everyone is always worried about fraud.  From identity theft, credit card fraud, card readers, and even phone call fraud.  However, most people forget about email fraud.  Email fraud is one of the biggest scams today, and no company is immune.  A rash of recent email fraud is  targeting the finance departments of companies.  The scam […]

SMBs: Get ready to kick some SaaS in 2016

SMBs: Get ready to kick some SaaS in 2016 Repost from Avalara “There’s an app for that.” The ubiquitous Apple trademarked phrase has transcended beyond iPhone games and gadgets to apply to pretty much anything and everything being done in the Cloud today. It’s almost mind boggling how software and software-as-a-service (SaaS) are making it […]

We are now partnered with ALTEC!

Altec is a leading provider of integrated document management and workflow solutions. Its flagship product doc-link is Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) and enables companies to capture, archive, workflow and route any document for any process, anywhere, anytime. Connecting data for thousands of customers globally, Altec also enjoys strong, collaborative partnerships with ERP solution providers […]

eConnect Multidimensional Analysis(MDA) Limitations

Recently a customer requested a Journal Entry Integration that included MDA distributions per Analysis Code.  This sounded like a normal request and using eConnect, expected to easily be able to accommodate MDA distributions.  I implemented the GL Transaction and Header, tested and everything worked.  I then added code for the taMDAUpdates node and started to […]