eConnect Multidimensional Analysis(MDA) Limitations

Recently a customer requested a Journal Entry Integration that included MDA distributions per Analysis Code.  This sounded like a normal request and using eConnect, expected to easily be able to accommodate MDA distributions.  I implemented the GL Transaction and Header, tested and everything worked.  I then added code for the taMDAUpdates node and started to see various errors (DTAREF is required, DTAREF does not exist).  As it turns out, eConnect does not support adding MDA Distribution Lines with GL Transactions, our integration would require some alternate approach or customizations.

Based on our research, we determined that when entering a GL Transaction, the MDA Group entry is created and distributions are only created if you already have established a default Group Allocation for each Analysis codes.  In our case, we wanted to enter in an amount not based on default percentage for each code.

We came to the conclusion that we had two possible ways:

  1. Develop a custom eConnect Node and procedure which would run after the standard eConnect procedures
  2. Develop a SQL script in the application and loop through the MDA Line items and insert them using standard T-SQL

Our final approach was #2 for reasons of simplicity and cost.  To implement, we developed a small method that looped through the MDA data and inserted the information into the MDA Distributions table.  This approach initially gave us more flexibility and the implementation was much quicker.

For further details or to discuss the eConnect MDA limitations, please do not hesitate to contact Opal Business Solutions.

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