Importance of Mobile to Small Businesses

How is your business leveraging technology and innovation? Mobile technology continues to be an important role in the future of businesses. Without adapting to the constant changes in technology, your business could be missing out on opportunities.  More employees are preferring to do their work on their mobile devices- smartphones, tablets, etc. With the ability to access the internet, cloud storage, and apps, users can write emails, send quotes, and documents straight from their mobile devices.  Having this real-time communication with the office can have important benefits including efficient use of employee’s collaboration, customer service, and flexibility of your services.


Employee Collaboration

To operate productively and solve business problems, businesses need the capability to leverage knowledge across the company using collaboration tools that enhance the ability to work together. Not long ago, achieving employee collaboration meant pushing employees to work together 24/7. Today, more companies are enabling mobile technology into their business allowing workers to collaborate from just about anywhere. It’s now possible for businesses to conduct teleconferences, online meetings, and communicate through Facebook-like social platforms, like Yammer or Microsoft Teams, and other mobile device platforms via the internet.
With this capability, users can join calls, meetings, and contribute to discussions without physically being present.  With the right software and support in place, you can see the collaboration grow over time.

Customer Service

Customer service is one of the most important parts of businesses. Having access to mobile devices has created a new way we interact with our customers and understand exactly what they’re looking for.  As new technologies emerge, so do new channels through which you can interact with your customers.

  • Implement and Keep technology well protected and used to its full capacity
  • Set up an online help desk or ticket system to handle customer issues.
  • Use online surveys and questionnaires to get customer feedback
  • Keep customers up to date
    • Email lists (Marketing Automation) and websites allow customers to stay up to date on the latest changes or developments your offering
  • Data Management and Analytics


Flexibility of Services

In today’s workplace, the ability to work from home or anywhere is important to employees.  Organizations that embrace mobility for business purposes likely will become not just more efficient, but also places where more people want to work. This could be an edge for employers in the increasing competitive challenges of recruiting and retaining talent in the coming decade.


By implementing new IT solutions into your business model allows you to work from just about anywhere if it’s done the right way. Don’t be afraid of new technology. Allow Opal Business Solutions to help you! Contact us to see how we can help your company stay up to date with technology.

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