Author: Maria Claybaugh

Form and Field Security in Dynamics 365

By Emma Thomas, Microsoft Dynamics Consultant Form Security If you’re looking to have separate forms according to specific user roles, you’ll want to take advantage of Form Security. You can restrict access to certain forms based on a users role, or other criteria. Define which security role will need access to a specific form Find […]

Why Should You Be Using Microsoft Lists?

Microsoft 365 offers a variety of productivity apps, some you might not even know about! Did you realize Microsoft Lists was one of them? This app can help your team track tasks or projects and stay organized from anywhere. Here are the top reasons why you should be using Microsoft Lists for work: Customizable Lists […]

Microsoft Outlook Adaptive Cards – ChoiceSet Not Displaying

Outlook Adaptive Cards are a powerful tool for creating dynamic and interactive emails to improve communication and collaboration. One of the key features of Adaptive Cards is the ability to include dropdown menus using the ChoiceSet element. However, if the Choiceset is missing an ID, the dropdown will not show up, which can cause confusion […]

What’s Coming To Dynamics 365 in 2023?

The time has come: Microsoft announced the 2023 release wave 1 plan! In simpler terms, we now know what new updates and features are coming to Microsoft Dynamics 365 between April and September 2023. This release contains HUNDREDS of new features to help you transform your business. The entire plan itself is 441 pages long. […]

MSP or Insurance: Hoping It’s There When Needed Most

By Jay Hess, VP of Operations and Compliance Just like having insurance for your car, home, or health, having IT support, often referred to as Managed Services, from an MSP (Managed Service Provider) is like having a safety net for your technology needs. Just like you hope you never have to use your insurance, you […]