What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales?

No matter the size, businesses trust their sales team to turn prospects into loyal, recurring customers. Salespeople are given the task of forming and nurturing strong relationships with customers to provide them with the best experience possible. As many sales teams know from experience, this process is easier said than done.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is an adaptive selling solution that aims to help teams navigate the ever-changing realities in sales. As we have witnessed the power of technology over the past few years, Dynamics 365 Sales is a perfect example of how harnessing technology can result in greater efficiency and performance.

A pre-built intelligence system in Dynamics 365 Sales assists sales teams through each buyer’s journey, helping them remain customer-centric at each step. You’ll be able to identify the right buyers and communicate with them through their preferred channel. Dynamics 365 Sales’ intelligence functions are comparable to “reading between the lines.” While speaking with a customer on the phone, you can view live insights about customer sentiment and priorities. This allows you to adjust accordingly and make a sale! This technology alone will transform your standard sales practices.


Dynamics 365 Sales comes with many features that boost sales productivity. They include:

Customer 360° View

You will be able to see a comprehensive overview of each contact in Dynamics 365 Sales. Whether it’s communications, opportunities, history, or anything else, you can see all the relevant information in one place.

Customer 360 view in the Contact form.

Source: Microsoft

Business Process Flow

Access a visual representation of guided process flows. See where you are in the sales process and receive exact directions on what to do next. The insights within Dynamics 365 Sales show you what steps will increase the likelihood of a sale. As you work on the opportunity, the business process flow will follow right along.

Business process bar on the lead form.

Source: Microsoft

Store and View Documents within Records

If multiple people are working on one opportunity, it’s convenient to have all associated documents, presentations, etc. in a central, easy-to-find location. What better place to store them than the record itself? Working with SharePoint will keep all of these items stored and secure.

Documents tab in a form.

Source: Microsoft

Activities Timeline

If you haven’t noticed, a significant benefit of Dynamics 365 Sales is that you can view everything in one location, ultimately saving you time. This is also available in the Activities Timeline. While working on an opportunity, your scheduled appointments, emails, and phone calls are visible.

Timeline of activities.

Source: Microsoft

Document Templates

I am sure we can all agree that templates make life a lot easier. Excel and Word templates in Dynamics 365 Sales allow you to begin editing without worrying about adding your company’s branding – it’s already there!

Document templates in the Sales app.

Source: Microsoft

Visual Insights

Take a look at how your sales team is performing with out-of-the-box dashboards and charts. You’ll be viewing insights that will help you take future actions to improve your business.

Sales Manager Summary dashboard.

Source: Microsoft


As a Microsoft Gold Partner, our team is able to provide you with top D365 Sales expertise, training, and resources. Our team is prepared to find the right solutions for your business, implement them, and assist you in any way we can. We’ll make sure you are using Dynamics 365 Sales to your business’s fullest potential.

There are multiple Dynamics 365 Sales packages available to fit your business needs. At Opal Business Solutions, we offer the Professional and Enterprise packages, which we’ve detailed below. Customers can also purchase a base license for each Dynamics 365 user within their organization. With base licenses, you can attach additional licenses (Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Field Service, etc.) to each.

Dynamics 365 Sales Professional

  • Lead and opportunity management
  • Product, price lists, product bundles
  • Quotes, orders, invoices
  • Product taxonomy, relationships, hierarchies
  • Limited customization

Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise

  • Lead and opportunity management
  • Marketing lists, quick campaigns
  • Product, price lists, product bundles
  • Competitors, sales goals, territory management
  • Quotes, orders, invoices
  • Product taxonomy, relationships, hierarchies
  • Unlimited customization
  • + Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Flow

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