Improvements to the Find Entries Feature in Dynamics 365 Business Central

As of April 1, 2022, a Business Central update took the existing Find Entries feature and expanded it to more windows, making it easier to access.

Why is this useful? When examining a document number after it has been posted, this expansion allows one to verify that the relevant entries for the different modules were all posted and posted correctly. You can drill down into the different kinds of entries that were there to provide more detail as well. Being able to find information such as the status of an order, a vendor’s invoice information based on the invoice number, or finding a purchase order based on an item serial number allows for more efficient data tracking and faster question resolution.

Before, one needed to go to the posted document or document entries to be able to look at the individual entries that are made up by that document number. This required more clicking around and hunting for orders and other transactions in Business Central. Now, there is a CTRL + ALT + Q shortcut that allows the option for the Find Entries screen anywhere in Business Central.

Using this Find Entries screen can allow you to search for documents using a posted document number or external document number to be able to find unposted or posted documents and related entries.

If you happen to use Contacts in Business Central, you can search based on those business contacts and their respective documents or even specific documents based on an external document number.

In the case that Items are being used in Business Central, one can also search for item references using the serial or lot numbers to be able to find all documents that include an item matching those numbers.

Find Entries Business Central

Find Entries Business Central

Find Entries Business Central

There is also a function that shows Related general ledger entries related to the specific document or entry automatically on the sides of several pages in Business Central such as the Posted Sales Invoice and Customer Ledger Entries pages.

Find Entries Business Central

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