Customizations in the “New Experience” – Power Apps in Dynamics 365 Sales

The customization of Dynamics 365 from entities, forms and fields to business processes and workflows is a huge benefit to using the Dynamics platform. Microsoft is preparing users to begin customizing Dynamics 365 within PowerApps instead of the classic Customization settings within the environment.

New Experience 1

The Power Platform lets you build no-code or low-code apps to streamline processes and better meet your needs. The Dynamics 365 applications are built on a model-driven app using the Common Data Service as their data source to better suit more complex operations.

To access the customization without clicking on the “try new experience button” go to:

New Experience 2

  • The UI is different with the menu on the left and all Dynamics 365 solutions are within PowerApps

With this new experience comes some new name changes.

  • Entities= Tables

New Experience

  • Columns= Fields

New Experience

  • Additionally, in the Data tab in PowerApps, you can view live data from Dynamics 365 and interact with records like the Entity View.
  • Forms
    • To customize the form you can click on the individual fields or add your own

New Experience

  • When creating a new field, the security and data type categories have been cut down from what we are used to seeing in the classic customization.
    • Single line of text= text
    • Multiple Lines of text= Multiline Text
    • Image is no longer available in PowerApps
    • No More Field Security available
    • No auditing available

Although items are different in PowerApps, it’s been proven to be more efficient than the classic version as Microsoft continues to add more features.

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