Edits to the Global Search Feature in Dynamics 365 Sales

Within Dynamics 365, there are multiple ways to search for what you may be looking for.  Within a view, you can search for an item related to that view or search globally in the application.

When you use the global search, the system is searching by the entities you set up for the categorized search all at the same time. By entering the information in the search area, you can quickly find relevant information in the environment.

dynamics 365 global search

For example:

  • Active Accounts View- if you search within this view it is only searching within Active Accounts
  • The Global Search Bar- at the top- will search globally within the environment

d365 global search

Global Search feature:

  • To make edits to the global search feature (entities, fields, etc) go to
    • Settings -> Administration -> System Settings
      • On the General Tab, select, set up search
        • From here you can set up the categorized search. You can select up to 10 entities to search by

d365 global searchd365 global search 4

  • Got to Advanced Settings -> Customization -> and find the entity

d365 global search

d365 global search

  • Under each entity, there is a view called “Quick Find” this is the view you will edit to search for/what fields will show in the search

d365 global search

  • View Columns- will show within the global search
  • Find Columns- will allow the system to search by those specific fields

d365 global search

global search 9

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