Small Features, Big Impacts

Mike Scalamogna highlights new features in Business Central

Microsoft has snuck two features into Dynamics 365 Business Central over the last few releases that I wanted to highlight:

Default line type on purchase invoices

We have been asked this question by every client who uses the Purchase Invoice screen to enter expenses into Business Central: why does the line type always default to “Item”? Can it be changed to a GL account to mirror my process more closely? Now it can. There is a field on the Purchases and Payables Setup screen where the default line type can be selected:

Small Features Big Impact

Copying Environments of Different Types

Previously, you could only copy a production environment to a sandbox environment. Now, you can copy:

  • Production to production
  • Sandbox to sandbox
  • Sandbox to production

I am most excited about the last one: sandbox to production. This is especially useful during implementation as it allows you to complete most of the work on the implementation in a sandbox, and then copy the sandbox into a production environment for cutover. This could save hours in a project budget and also eliminate many duplicate efforts when it comes to recreating personalized screens, installing apps, and various other setup items.

Have any questions about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or other D365 products? Mike and our Dynamics 365 specialists from Opal Business Solutions, your trusted Microsoft Gold Partner, are always happy to help.


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