Report Extensions in Business Central

One of the many reasons I love Business Central is the fact that Microsoft monitors the Ideas website (Ideas ( and often adds new features based on popular requests from end-users. One of those requests was the ability to extend existing reports within the system. This feature is available in Business Central 2021 release wave 1, which is currently being deployed in the US.

For example, extending a report could come in handy when you need to add a field to the Sales Order document in BC. Rather than build an entirely new extension with a new copy of the sales order, we can build a report extension that just simply adds the field to the dataset.

In the below example I am adding the “Drop Shipment” field onto the sales line area of the order:

Report Extensions in Business Central 1

Now, when I publish this extension the Drop Shipment field will be available for me to add to the report using the Custom Report Layouts page. Before exporting a report to modify be sure to click on the “Update Layout” button. This will update the dataset when you export the report layout and the new field will be available.

Report Extensions in Business Central 2

Here is a screenshot of the field available in the dataset for me to add to the report:

Report Extensions in Business Central 3

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