What to think about before buying that PC from the local Best Buy or Sam’s Club…

Out of necessity or convenience, many companies find it easy to pick up a new PC from the local big-box store.   Sure, these machines can be inexpensive, in some cases even less than what is being charged from the IT provider.  And there can be a certain feeling of pride knowing that you saved a few bucks.   But we have found that in most cases, these computers often cost much more in the long run for several reasons.Operating System – Local department stores specialize in selling PC’s to consumers, not businesses.   So they have the most inventory of Windows Home Version, which cannot be added to a business network without upgrading the OS.   Most companies require certain financial or line of business software to be installed on the computer, which must have a supported version of the OS, which is not always the most current version.

  1. Pre-Installed Software – Anti-Virus and other software vendors pay a premium to have their software pre-installed on computers sold from big-box stores.   While convenient for consumers, most IT providers remove these applications so they don’t interfere with the business version of the software.
  2. Support – Should you encounter problems with that new PC while it is still under the short warranty period provided, good luck getting is serviced.   After locating the receipt and packing up the machine, you need to drive it back down to the store and drop it off to see if it can be fixed.   If purchased from your IT provider, the manufacturer will usually allow them to run the necessary diagnostics and ship any replacement parts direct so it can be fixed on site, most times within a day.
  3. Performance – Knowing how the computer will be used is extremely important to choose the correct machine.   If the user has dual monitors, the station will need to support both outputs.   Power users may be better served by more RAM, faster Hard Drives or Both…And the weight of your laptop is extremely important if you regularly travel.   How the computer is being used (and by whom) is critical to delivering the right hardware.
  4. MS-Office – Often times, computers come pre-configured with an MS-Office license, which is very convenient.  Except if you already have an Office license.   Recognizing that MS-Office is now licensed via Subscription for most businesses, a license does not need purchased with the new PC.  No need to pay for something you already have.

So instead of making that call to have a new computer installed After you buy it, you can save time, money and frustration by calling us first.   This will ensure that you are receiving the best performing workstation for the price.    And that the computer will meet the needs of the user and be easily supported should any problems arise down the road.

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