Not Ready to Transition to a Cloud-Based ERP?

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If your business utilizes Microsoft Dynamics GP and is not ready to transition to a cloud-based ERP system, Opal is here to provide the support you need. We acknowledge that there are situations where it doesn’t make sense to migrate from your existing system to another.

Unsure if you’re ready for the cloud? Below are common reasons why a complete shift to a cloud-based ERP might not be the right fit for you yet. No matter what you decide, our Microsoft-certified Dynamics team can assist you in making the most of your investment.

Ready for the Cloud

Why Businesses Avoid Cloud ERP Migration

Not Ready for the Cloud

Complex Customizations

Does your Dynamics GP system have many customizations – or complex ones? Recreating these specific configurations within Dynamics 365 Business Central can lead to substantial costs. It’s also important to consider that some customizations may not be available in the cloud environment.


A business with many integrated Dynamics GP reports may hesitate to move to the cloud due to concerns about the complex and time-consuming process of reconfiguring and adapting these reports. The potential for compatibility issues, the need for extensive redevelopment, and the resources required for staff training contribute to the reluctance to make the transition.

Not Ready For the Cloud


For businesses with many integrations, the complexities of reconfiguring them with various external systems, applications, or custom solutions can pose significant challenges. The fear of disruptions, inconsistencies, and extensive redevelopment efforts deter businesses from making the move. Another factor is the cost associated with re-engineering integrations and ensuring their functionality within the cloud environment.

Staff Experience

Some businesses strategically hire personnel based on their proficiency and expertise in Dynamics GP. For these businesses, the idea of migrating to a cloud-based system introduces challenges related to workforce adaptation, retraining costs, and the need for a phased transition that minimizes disruptions.

Dynamics Training
Not ready for the Cloud


If you’ve recently purchased Microsoft Dynamics GP or made a major upgrade, you might not be financially ready to invest in a new, cloud-based system.

What if I am cloud ready?

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Did you know you can move to the cloud without switching ERP systems? Running Microsoft Dynamics GP on Microsoft Azure allows you to keep GP and access the benefits of the cloud.

If you’re ready for a full cloud migration, our Opal experts can migrate your Dynamics GP system to Dynamics 365 Business Central, the all-in-one cloud-based solution for streamlined operations.

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