Low-Code Programming for All

Power Fx is the future of low-code programming across the Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Power Fx

Announced in March 2021, Power Fx is on its way to becoming the low-code language across the Microsoft Power Platform. It is a functional programming language based on spreadsheet-like formulas.

Power Fx gives developers with no coding experience, years of experience, and everyone in between the ability to complete programming tasks in an efficient and time-saving manner. The Power Fx formulas are concise, making it simple to view and understand the functions.

Below is a comparison of Power Fx formulas versus JavaScript:

Power Fx

Source: Microsoft

Ryan Cunningham, Director PM of Power Apps, lists 3 key benefits of Power Fx:

  1. Power Fx is open source. The future of programming is open. Microsoft has embraced the pace of open innovation that has accelerated the adoption of languages like C# and Typescript. With Power Fx, we’re now bringing that same open approach to the low code world. Microsoft will open-source Power Fx, making the language available for open contribution by the broader community on GitHub.
  2. Power Fx is based on Microsoft Excel. Using formulas that are already familiar to hundreds of millions of users, Power Fx allows a broad range of people to bring skills they already know to low code solutions. Power Fx becomes a common ground for business users and professional developers alike to express logic and solve problems.
  3. Power Fx is built for low code. Power Fx is already the foundation of the Microsoft Power Apps canvas. We’ll soon extend its use across Power Platform to Microsoft Dataverse, Microsoft Power Automate, Microsoft Power Virtual Agents, and beyond, making it even easier for everyone to get started with low code tools.”¹

As of Nov. 2, the preview release of Power Fx as open source has been made available.

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¹ “Introducing Microsoft Power Fx, the low-code programming language for everyone,” Ryan Cunningham, 02 March 2021.