3 ways Artificial Intelligence helps Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Simplify the Sales Process


By Microsoft

Successful small and mid-sized businesses know that the key to standing out from their competition is to deliver a seamless customer experience from the first interaction. However, providing high-quality services across the entire customer journey can be difficult for businesses that use rudimentary customer relationship management (CRM) tools like disconnected spreadsheets, emails, and physical documents. These methods can lead to miscommunications, prolonged response times, and even lost deals. Instead of having their sellers focus on manual sales tactics and tasks, business owners need to equip their sales teams with CRMs that leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Opal Business Solutions has worked with small and medium-sized companies to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, an AI-driven solution that simplifies the sales process and increases revenue. Here are the three ways our customers achieve the most significant impacts:

Enhance audience targeting

Time is money, and sellers can’t afford to spend time working leads that are not a fit for what they’re selling. Instead of manually mining for lead details to see if they fit the ideal customer persona, AI can automate audience segmentation for marketing campaigns. Opal can help you configure the system by describing relevant leads so that the software automatically identifies the right lists to receive marketing collateral. This automation saves sellers time manually identifying potential accounts, creating distribution lists, and uploading them into the marketing software. Instead, they can rest assured knowing that high-value opportunities are being targeted as they work on closing active deals in their pipeline.

Drive more engaging sales conversations

Once sellers connect with a prospect, they need to have relevant content that keeps them engaged and interested in the solution they’re being pitched. When sellers are empowered with a CRM that utilizes AI, they can see lead summaries that give them insights into what content the prospect interacted with to focus on the topics and challenges they’re most interested in. Additionally, they can leverage integrations with third-party apps set up by Opal, like LinkedIn Sales Navigator, to have real-time visibility into everything they need to know about their prospect. These capabilities make moving leads through the sales funnel easier and identify additional upsell opportunities that may have been missed if sellers could only work from their own research and notes.

Automate compelling content creation

Often, sellers are not experts in content creation as they are more focused on connecting and engaging with prospects. Therefore, drafting emails, recap summaries, and follow-up messages can lead to countless hours of sellers and managers reworking content to be sent out. These challenges are eliminated as AI capabilities take on the heavy lifting of developing emails based on message history and CRM data. Sellers can then take the AI-generated message to adjust the tone and length to meet their needs. Our team guides sellers on appropriately using these features to reduce the time spent on redundant tasks and make it easier for sellers to keep their prospects engaged in continuing the conversation.

Getting started with an AI-powered CRM

While AI-driven software solutions were previously reserved for large organizations with the internal resources to implement them, that is no longer the case. Accelerate your small or medium-sized business’s revenue growth with an automated solution embedded with the power of Microsoft’s next-gen AI. To learn more about how Opal Business Solutions can help you get started, fill out the contact form below!

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