Automating Transactions with an Expense Management System

The Challenge

Opal Business Solutions was searching for a method to automate internal finance processes. With the intent of increasing efficiency and ultimately saving time on routine processes, the company aimed to leverage its existing Microsoft Dynamics GP system.

Opal's Solution

CEO Scott Davidson discovered that using one business card for all company expenses and automating transactions through an expense management system was the solution.

Scott chose Expensify, a system that auto-matches all transactions to the appropriate department expense accounts. At the end of each month, he takes ten minutes to export the expense report and import it flawlessly to Microsoft Dynamics GP where he pays the invoice.

"No balancing. No errors. No missed distributions."


Streamlined Transactions: Time is money. Scott and Opal’s accounting team no longer have to code hundreds of entries every month, saving countless hours that can be utilized elsewhere.

Increased Accuracy: Because of the electronic movement of data, there is no manual balancing involved. This means no missed distributions or errors.

Interested in doing this for YOUR business?

Leveraging an expense management system has proven to be a valuable investment for Opal Business Solutions. If your business wants to learn more or discover other ways to optimize internal operations, reach out to the team today.

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