Latest Features in Microsoft Power BI

Power BI Features

What’s new in Microsoft Power BI? We’re highlighting some useful features and improvements from the end of 2023.

Search and Sort in Paginated Reports

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Users can now save time by searching for content across all pages of a paginated report on the Power BI service. If you want to sort a column, click on the sort icon when the report is rendered on the Power BI service.

Both sort and search are available only in the Web layout.

Storytelling in PowerPoint

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The Power BI add-in for PowerPoint will automatically scan the title of your slide and suggest Power BI content to insert. Users can insert a complete page or specific visual from the report, update filters or slicers, and change the permissions to give others access to the data.

Column and Bar Chart Styling Options

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Level-up your column and bar charts with these enhancements:

  • Apply Settings to All or Series: Apply formatting options globally across all categories or tailor them for each unique individual series.
  • Transparency Control: Adjust the fill color transparency.
  • Border Customization: Choose a distinct color or match it to the column’s fill, and define both the border’s width and transparency.
  • Layout: Microsoft renamed the Spacing card to be the new Layout card, relocated the familiar Reverse Order toggle that allows you to invert series, and introduced Sort by Value, Space between categories, and Space between series. And, with clustered columns and bar charts, you now have the option to Erode or Explode the stacked series. 
  • Advanced ribbon settings: Highlight a series or create visual continuity with options including matching series color or choosing a color selection, transparency, border color matching or color selection, border width, and border spacing. 

Data Label Customizations

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Provide more insights in your charts by seamlessly adding additional metrics.

  • Title: The Title card feature enables the display of legend fields on your data labels, offering the option to omit the legend. It also allows customized data label titles using different data fields, adjustable font style, color, and transparency.
  • Value: Easily spot the active field for your data label in the field well. Modifying it to another field is quick and easy, with customization options like font, color, transparency, and more, plus a new feature for blank value display.
  • Detail: The Detail card feature allows the inclusion of a secondary metric to data labels. Choose any field to add an extra value, with the full range of formatting options at your disposal.
  • Visual label layout: A new feature that lets you choose between a sleek single-line data label or a multi-line data label.

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