New Features in Power BI: June 2023

If you’re a Microsoft Power BI user, the new features in the June 2023 update are sure to improve your workflow. Here they are:

New Card Visual

With the new card visual, users can:

  • Customize the shape corners
  • Utilize new settings for values and labels, with expanded support for conditional formatting and the introduction of font transparency
  • Customize display units with precision control
  • Enable the ‘Show blank as’ feature to ensure your cards display the right content even when no data is found
  • Choose from three layouts (horizontal, vertical, grid) and adjust padding, spacing, and text-alignment
  • Add ‘Image’ and ‘Accent bar’
  • Interact with data through tooltips and drill through
  • Personalize your default styles with ‘Themes’

Source: Microsoft

OneLake data hub in Power BI Desktop

The data hub has now been rebranded to the “OneLake Data Hub.” The move was made to prevent confusion that could come from the release of Microsoft Fabric. With OneLake Data Hub, you have the ability to leverage existing Fabric items and generate custom datasets and reports based on them. It supports:

  • Data warehouses
  • Lakehouses
  • Related SQL endpoints, datamarts, and datasets

Source: Microsoft

Faster Power BI experiences

Caching the Power BI app:

Part of Microsoft’s multi-tasking improvements, this new caching experience helps make transitions from Power BI to Microsoft Teams faster. It works when you navigate back to Power BI within 60 seconds of navigating away. Your visuals will be right where you left them!

‘Take You Back’:

Microsoft previously released a feature for the Power BI app that automatically takes you back to where you left off if you leave the application. Now, this feature is available in the Microsoft Teams tab! Microsoft says it works for interactive reports and apps you embed in the Teams tab. It shines when you embed an entire Power BI organizational app in your tab. Take you back works for 1 hour from the time you navigate away from the Power BI tab.

Animated GIF showing the take you back experience in a Power BI tab. It takes the user back to the same item and page of the report the user was using when they left the app and return within 1 hour.

Source: Microsoft

Storytelling in PowerPoint

This feature allows users to embed visuals from organization apps into PowerPoint presentations. To do this:

  • Open your app and find the visual you want to embed
  • Open the visual’s ‘More Options (…)’ menu
  • Select ‘Share’
  • Choose either ‘Link to this visual’ or ‘Open in PowerPoint’
  • Copy the link and paste it into the add-in in your presentation

Source: Microsoft

Instantly create Power BI reports in Jupyter Notebooks

This update eliminates the need for switching between multiple tools or exporting data from the notebook, offering instant insights. It complements the current capability of embedding Power BI reports in Jupyter notebooks, allowing users to enrich their notebooks with their existing Power BI content and create engaging data narratives.

The report will be auto-generated using data from the DataFrame, but it can be customized and modified. Users can also save it to Power BI!

Source: Microsoft

New visuals in AppSource

New visuals include:

  • swTable
  • Horizontal Bullet Chart with Label
  • Innofalls
  • Sunburst Chart by Powerviz
  • Writeback Grid
  • Archilogic Floor Plan Visualization
  • Multi-Line Chart with Tooltips
  • Datellers Bar of Pie
  • WeWrite Service

Create interactive waterfall charts

ZoomCharts’ Drill Down Waterfall PRO gives you the opportunity to create charts that provide insights to accounting/finance, inventory management, and human resources teams. Here are some of the features:

  • Sub-totals – set display values in your dataset or let the visual automatically calculate them for you
  • Rich customization options – customize increasing, decreasing, and totals series separately with options for colors, outlines, column widths, column connectors, value labels, and more
  • Static and dynamic thresholds – demonstrate targets with up to 4 thresholds for a clear visual representation of your data
  • Touch device friendly – explore data easily on both mouse and touch input devices

Source: Microsoft

New visual: Advanced Linear Gauge

Advanced Linear Gauge by MAQ Software helps businesses monitor progress toward target values.

Key business uses:

  • Financial services: Track budget consumption against allocated budgets for the year or quarter.
  • Sales: Track daily or weekly progress against sales goals for the year or quarter.
  • Marketing: Track progress on impressions, views, and clickthrough against the marketing campaign targets.
  • Operations: Track daily output against daily or weekly goals.

Key features:

  • Customizable bars
  • Customizable axis labels, colors, fonts, etc.
  • Customizable labels for the data points
  • Tooltips to display additional information

Source: Microsoft

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