5 Reasons to Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 as your CRM

As a business, it’s important to choose a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that fits your needs. Most businesses tend to look for a solution that efficiently manages customer data and streamlines processes. A good CRM will help you stay competitive and maintain strong, long-lasting relationships with customers.

We’ve found that Microsoft Dynamics 365 stands out among the rest for a number of reasons. Dynamics 365 is a portfolio of intelligent, connected, cloud-based business applications including Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations, Field Service, Customer Service, and more. Businesses have the ability to choose whether they want to use one, some, or all applications.

Here are our top 10 reasons why you should choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 as your CRM:

Stronger Customer Relationships

We would be remiss not to start off with the purpose of a CRM: building and maintaining customer relationships.

Dynamics 365 uses artificial intelligence (AI) and innovation to help you move faster from opportunity to close and simultaneously earn customers for life. Some examples:

  • Communicate with customers in their preferred channels
  • View suggested next best actions to make the right moves
  • Utilize real-time insights about customers: sentiment, priorities, and the competitive environment during calls
  • Have all relevant information about each customer in front of you on one screen

Product screenshot of work items inside Sales accelerator

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. Source: Microsoft

Process Automation

As we mentioned, streamlining processes is key to increasing business productivity. Dynamics 365 easily transforms administrative tasks into automatic functions so you can devote more time to your customers. These processes include setting criteria for qualifying leads, creating workflows, creating new cases, and sending email notifications.

Deep Integrations

A familiar feature of Microsoft products is their ability to integrate. Did you know there is an embedded Teams chat in Dynamics 365 that shows recent chats, channels, and people in Teams related to the customer you’re viewing? Dynamics 365 applications are designed to work together and with your existing systems, giving you one solution that combines every aspect of your business. Increase the possibilities of Dynamics 365 by connecting with Microsoft 365, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Power BI, and your other favorite tools.


As with any business solution, scalability is important. Whether you’re gaining customers or scaling back after disruptions like the pandemic, Dynamics 365 can support organizations of any size. From a 10-employee business to an enterprise like Toyota, users are confident in Dynamics 365’s adaptability.

Sales Overview | Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Accelerator. Source: Microsoft

CRM + ERP Capabilities

If your business is looking to automate financial processes and increase collaboration, Dynamics 365 is the platform for you. Dynamics 365 Business Central is one example of an ERP solution that seamlessly connects to your other Microsoft applications. Business Central helps you unlock productivity and business insights that you can use to make important decisions.

Business Central | Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Source: Microsoft

If your business is in the market for an innovative CRM, speak with one of our Microsoft-certified Dynamics 365 experts today. At Opal Business Solutions, a Microsoft Gold Partner, our mission is to be an extension of our customers, lending our team of dedicated professionals to design, develop and deliver technology solutions that help our customers anticipate and overcome business challenges.


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