Turn sketches into apps with this Microsoft Power Apps feature

Have you ever sketched an idea on a piece of paper, Word document, or whiteboard and wished it could automatically be put to use? Thanks to Express Design in Microsoft Power Apps, this is now possible.

About Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps is a suite where users with little or no coding experience can create customized, feature-rich business apps. Users choose a pre-built template or start from scratch to build and deploy their apps. Businesses can connect Power Apps across the Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and more to experience the tools on every app.

About Express Design in Power Apps

Using AI-powered tools, Power Apps users can instantly create apps by uploading their design content. Accepted content types include a paper form, PDF, screenshot from a legacy app, PowerPoint, hand-drawn design, or Figma file.

Convert Figma files, PDFs, paper forms, and hand drawn sketches into apps with express design in Power Apps.

Source: Microsoft

How does express design turn your design artifacts into a functional application? The advanced AI models that scan your file are programmed to recognize common app elements, enabling Power Apps to generate your app with data schema in the underlying data platform (Microsoft Dataverse). Users can revise the app model until it matches their exact needs. Connecting data is a simple task, particularly because Power Apps offers 675+ pre-built connectors to integrate with your systems. Additional screens can be added to the app by uploading another file.

Express design overview.

Source: Microsoft

Microsoft says that Express Design is useful for modernizing legacy and paper forms, generating apps from sketches and wireframes, and accelerating professional design and development.

What will you build? To start using Power Apps or for assistance with Express Design, schedule a meeting with our Microsoft-certified experts at Opal Business Solutions, a Microsoft Gold Partner.

Also: What’s New in Power Apps (July 2022)

Here are the newly available features in Power Apps:


  • Simplify and streamline Power Platform governance with Managed Environments
  • Auto updates for Power Apps & Dynamics CE
  • Improve monitoring of Dataverse plugins using Application insights

Maker Productivity

  • Find and replace in the Power Apps Studio
  • Review feedback and ratings from your users
  • Customizing forms with even more components

End User Productivity

  • Find your business data in Microsoft Search
  • Power Apps on Windows generally available
  • Seamlessly add your apps to Teams
  • Expanded support for NFC, and markup support in MR controls


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