New Jira app for Microsoft Teams enables integrated workflows

As a collaborative platform, Microsoft Teams has proven to be a necessary tool in today’s evolving workplace. Because of this, new apps and solutions are being built to help Teams do even more for its users. One of the newest apps, Jira Cloud, is expected to bring all of the essential elements of your workflow into Teams.

What is Jira Cloud?

The Jira Cloud platform is one of many products designed by Atlassian, a major collaboration and productivity software developer. Essentially, Jira is an issue and project tracking software. Many groups within an organization can utilize Jira for task management, project management, and more.

Jira Cloud in Microsoft Teams

When it comes to constantly switching between Microsoft Teams and other apps, things can get complicated. That’s why Atlassian created the Jira Cloud app for Teams. By downloading the app in Teams, users can gain access to the right information without having to go back and forth between Teams and Jira.

Microsoft goes into detail on the capabilities of the Jira app: “You can receive and customize your Jira notifications in Teams. With the convenient Jira tab in the personal view, you can see issues assigned to you—no context switching is necessary. Our joint customers have shared that this is a game-changer—they can now use Teams as their productivity browser and stay focused on tasks at hand.”

Other App Features

  • Turn Teams chats into a comment on a Jira issue.
  • Turn Teams chats into a new issue altogether.
  • If you’re in a meeting and a task is assigned, you can directly edit your issues in the side panel.
  • Jira link cards allow team members to edit fields, add comments, and update the status of an issue from the Teams chat.
  • Teams administrators can enable the Jira app’s availability for an organization, pre-pin it for teams, and monitor usage.

A card with information on how to get started using Jira in Microsoft Teams

Source: Atlassian

Jeff Teper, Corporate Vice President of Modern Work at Microsoft, said, “Atlassian’s new Jira app is a great example of an enterprise-class software as a service (SaaS) company leveraging the power of the Teams platform in multiple ways to provide customers with the dynamic experiences they need to get work done.”

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