End of Lifecycle for Dynamics CRM 2016

Does your organization currently use Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 on-prem for interacting with customers? If so, you are encouraged by Microsoft to start transitioning to the cloud – Dynamics 365.

According to the Fixed Lifecycle Policy for Dynamics CRM 2016, the extended support date expires on January 13, 2026. This means that no new features will be released and support will be limited to security updates and non-security fixes for eligible customers.

Dynamics CRM 2016

Source: Microsoft 

What are the next steps for Dynamics CRM 2016 users? Microsoft suggests migrating to Dynamics 365 Online. Back in 2016, Microsoft rebranded Dynamics CRM to Dynamics 365, which combines its customer relationship management (CRM) software with its enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform. Dynamics 365 users have access to a portfolio of business applications that connect your business, all in the cloud.

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