Microsoft Customer Experience Platform

Announced at Microsoft Ignite 2021, the Microsoft Customer Experience Platform is a complete marketing solution for connected experiences.

Based on tailored AI data and insights, the CX solution provides your business with best practices to connect directly with your customers. In other words, you can take the guessing out of your marketing and deliver the right experiences to customers at the right times.

A major focus of the platform is to create holistic customer profiles that also protect privacy choices. According to Microsoft, “you can power customer data unification and understanding, enrich customer data with privacy-friendly insights from multiple sources, and ensure compliance, all while honoring your customer’s consent.”¹

The Microsoft Customer Experience Platform also accelerates the process of customer data collection so your marketing can deliver faster results. It combines data regarding your customers’ intent, journeys, and behavior to help you create content that speaks to them personally.

Throughout Microsoft’s announcement of the solution, they continuously referred to “customer journey orchestration.” The platform isn’t just another customer experience tool that gives you a few personalization tips; it is an immersive system that “requires precise use of customer data, integration into line-of-business applications, and seamless activation across a growing number of customer touchpoints.”

Gain customer visibility and improve customer relationships with the Microsoft Customer Experience Platform. Have any questions? Our team at Opal Business Solutions, a Microsoft Gold Partner, is here to assist you.

¹ “Introducing Microsoft Customer Experience Platform: A solution for connected customer experiences,” Alysa Taylor, Rik van der Kooi, 2 November 2021.


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