Mesh for Microsoft Teams

Since the start of the pandemic, workers have been forced to trade in their cubicles and offices for dining room tables and make-shift home workspaces, but they’ve made the transition exceptionally well.

Although many have found working remotely to be a positive change in their careers, there are some aspects of office life that workers can’t help but miss. Things like quick chats in the hall and facial expressions from across the office simply can’t be replaced…until now.

At the 2021 Ignite Conference, Microsoft introduced Mesh for Microsoft Teams, a mixed reality platform that enables shared working experiences from anywhere. With personalized avatars and immersive spaces, you can transform your regular Teams meeting into a holographic environment that fosters creativity and collaboration.

What can you do with Mesh for Microsoft Teams?

Mesh for Microsoft teams allows you to create customized avatars, travel into pre-built spaces for meetings or conversations, and build entire metaverses. A metaverse is a digital space inhabited by digital representations of people, places, and things. Think of it as a physical representation of the Internet.

Mesh for Teams will be compatible with almost any device. Whether it’s your PC, phone, tablet, or VR headset, you can expect a meeting experience like no other.

When can organizations start diving into Mesh for Microsoft Teams? The feature will be available for preview in the first half of 2022. Users can choose from different avatar options for meetings.

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