What’s New in Office 2021

Microsoft is set to release Office 2021, the successor of Office 2019, on October 5.

The latest version of the productivity software offers all users Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint applications. With certain packages, you can also get Outlook, Access, and Publisher.

There are two versions of Office 2021

One version is for consumers and small businesses. The other, Office LTSC (Long Term Servicing Channel), is suggested for commercial users. Office LTSC is designed for specific scenarios like regulated devices and systems that can’t connect to the internet.

How do I pay?

Paying for Office 2021 is simple: it is a one-time, flat-rate purchase that will be supported for five years before a monthly payment is required. If you take a liking to Office 2021 and want to maximize productivity, you can upgrade to a Microsoft 365 subscription. This cloud-based service offers everything you enjoy about Office and more.

What’s new?

All Office 2021 applications have been refreshed with a modern look. Use Microsoft Search to find anything you need. Discover a new collection of stock media. Experience performance improvements across all apps. The list of upgrades could go on and on!

The latest version of Office is equipped with new tools and features to simplify your workflow. Here are some of the new functions available in two of your favorite apps:


  • XLOOKUP – find things in a table or range by row
  • Dynamic Arrays – write one formula and return an array of values
  • LET – assigns names to calculation results
  • XMATCH – searches for a specified item in an array or range of cells,  then returns the item’s relative position


  • Record Slide Show – now supports presenter video recording, ink recording, and laser pointer recording
  • Replay and pause ink strokes
  • Arrange elements on slides for screen readers

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