Microsoft Windows 10 Update

Microsoft rolled out its latest set of Windows 10 updates in May 2021 with a variety of new features. The update improves users’ ease of access, security, and efficiency. See a list of these features below!

1. Pin websites to your taskbar

With Microsoft Edge, you can now pin your favorite websites to the taskbar. Once it’s there, you can see a preview of all open tabs by hovering over the pin!

2. Customize your text cursor

Ever find yourself searching through your text to find the text cursor indicator? Now, you can change the size and color of the text cursor so it’s always in your sight.

3. Add emojis from your keyboard

An emoji panel is now accessible from your keyboard by pressing the Windows logo key and period (.).

4. Increase text size on your screen

Need a closer look at something? With the latest update, you can adjust text size by using the slider found in your Display settings. And even better – you also have the option to make everything on your screen bigger!

5. Quickly check your news and interests

The “news and interests” feature on the task bar allows you to see everything you need without wasting any time. See the weather, top stories, sports scores, and more with this new update.

6. Switch your display to Light or Dark mode

Windows 10 now has the option to customize the color of your display. To see whether Light or Dark mode is the right fit for you, head to “Colors” in your settings.

7. Improve security with Windows Hello sign-in

Require Windows Hello sign-in for Microsoft accounts on your device. You can find this secure option in the “Sign-in options” tab in settings.

8. Create events from the taskbar

Quickly add events and reminders to your calendar with the Windows 10 update. All you have to do is fill out the information in the “Add an event or reminder” text box on the taskbar.

9. Sync Microsoft to your Android phone

On Android phones (7.0 or later), you can now install Microsoft Launcher to get all of Microsoft’s benefits at your fingertips. Sync your calendar, Office documents, and even more with this syncing feature.

10. Change your pointer size

Similar to the customizable text cursor, you can now increase the size of your cursor and change the color!

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