Microsoft Teams Meeting ID Update

Microsoft Teams is adding a new feature that will allow users to join meetings by just entering a specific digital code. Last week, the company announced the introduction of the digital code feature on the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, which is expected to roll out to Teams users beginning in May. The feature will be available on all platforms, including the Microsoft Teams desktop, mobile, and Web clients.

“All meetings will have a Meeting ID that is automatically assigned to a Microsoft Teams user and added to the meeting invite under the meeting link. Meeting attendees can join the meeting by entering the Meeting ID. For all meeting attendees, the pre-join, lobby and security will remain the same,” Microsoft stated.

This addition will further expand the usability of the Microsoft Teams collaboration platform. This will provide an additional way for users to quickly jump into the Teams meetings if they can’t find the link to the meeting. While the feature will begin rolling out in May, Microsoft mentioned that it can be generally available by the end of next month.

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