What is Multi-factor Authentication

What is it and Why you need it

What is MFA?

Your passwords can be easily compromised. Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) immediately increases your system’s security by requiring multiple forms of verification to prove your identity when signing into an application.

The most used form of multi-factor authentication is two-factor authentication (2FA), which pairs your first authentication factor (your account password) and something entirely different such as something you have or something you are.

The multiple types of authentication factors which exist:

Something You Know – Password

  • Password
  • PIN code
  • Security Question

Something You Have

  • Smartphone
  • Token

Something You Are

  • Fingerprint
  • Retinal Scan
  • Voice recognition

How does it work?

Whenever multi-factor authentication has been activated on a user’s account, each time they try to log in from a different device, an authorization message will be sent to the user.

The authorization message can be sent in a variety of ways depending on the application and how the user established the multi-factor authentication. The authorization message can come in the form of a passcode sent to the user’s associated email account, through SMS to the user’s phone or through an authenticator app.

The authenticator app will send you a push notification to your registered device such as a smartphone or tablet. The user will need to enter that specific code before receiving access to the account. Without the approval or current code, a hacker can’t get into an account.

Why should we use it?

Implementing multi-factor authentication across an organization’s system is one of the most effective ways to prevent illicit access to confidential files.

Multi-factor authentication can be used to protect often overlooked points of authentication, such as email and business applications. Without this second barrier of protection, a hacker can breach an exposed email account or software application to gain access to additional information or worse yet, the company’s entire network.

How do I get MFA?

Before, companies had to pay for a multi-factor authentication solution to protect access to their system. However, if you have Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Azure then MFA with Microsoft Authenticator is included totally free!

To learn more use this link – Microsft MFA

If you would like to consult us on what we recommend for MFA, please contact us.

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