SQL Server Reporting Services Subscriptions on Azure

While working internally recently, we had the opportunity to setup our SQL Server environment on an Azure VM.  We chose the Azure VM for a couple of reasons, if you would like to know more about which SQL Server environment to choose in Azure, please let us know, but for this choice, it was Dynamics GP and the database functionality.  Nevertheless, we needed to setup SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) so that we could distribute reports to our clients monthly.

We completed the configuration of SSRS and everything appeared to be working, however, at the beginning of the month, the reports Failed to send.  We reviewed everything and checked that the “Use secure connection” was checked within the Report Server Configuration Manager.

After trying a few different aspects, we started to review the Logs and at the bottom of the logs, it was showing that it couldn’t connect to the server IP with a port of 25.  (Ex.

I began doing research and talked to my Network Engineer and he mentioned that unfortunately, Azure blocks all emails from port 25.  This is by design and is a security measure to ensure there is no spamming capabilities on the Azure servers.

To resolve, we went into the rsreportserver.config file and in this file, we have more options than what is available in the screenshot above.  In our case, we wanted to set the Port and although the node says SSL, it is really TLS, which caused an initial problem as we tried port 995, but in reality, it is really 587 that was needed.  Once we enter the port, saved and re-ran the subscription, we started to receive emails.

I hope something this simple can aid others running into a situation where emails are not sending from SSRS in Azure.

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