April 2019 Office Updates

New features in Office 365

Product icons have a new look

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote

The product icons have been redesigned to reflect simple, powerful and intelligent Office experiences.


A simplified ribbon that’s customizable too!

Enjoy a streamlined, single row of the most frequently used buttons. Easily switch between classic and Simplified views, and pin/unpin commands.

Relaxed or tighter layout? Choose what feels best

Tighter Spacing lets you decide if you want more space between items, or a tighter layout to see more in your Inbox.

Set once and forget it

Your Focused Inbox preferences are now stored in the cloud. Enjoy the same experience when you use Outlook for Windows on any computer or Outlook on the web.


Better shapeshifting

Name your shapes for more control over how they morph and get the perfect transition.

Why reinvent when you can re-use?

Save time by re-using slides that you created or that other have shared with you.


Say goodbye to distractions

A favorite Mac feature comes to Windows! Switch to Focus on the View menu to remove distractions and concentrate on the work at hand.

More colorful pages

With the addition of more page theme colors, which allows the changing of the background color of the page, we hope to enable people who have challenges reading with an all-white or all-black background to make adjustments that suit them.

Improve comprehension with Line Focus

Move through a document, line by line, without distractions. Adjust the focus to put one, three, or five lines in view at a time.

Increase the reach of your content

Accessibility checker keeps an eye on your documents and tells you in the status bar when it finds something you should look at. Try it by clicking Review > Check Accessibility.

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