How to Add Features in VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services)

How to Add Features in VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services)

I guess before adding features to VSTS, you would need to make sure you know why you would want to add a feature.  Some of the decision-making process will determine how you manage your projects and development timelines.  Do you use Scrum or Agile, etc?  That is a discussion for another time, but those do factor in to whether you create features or not.  Let’s start with defining a feature.  Features use backlog items and have target dates, so when they don’t fit into your sprint or current worklogs you most likely want to identify the feature and record your notes.  This will allow you to capture the feature and add it into future development.  Since we decided to add a feature, let’s walk through the steps.

To add New Features within Visual Studios Team Services is easy.  First you log into your VSTS account.  Then go under Projects and find the project you wish to add a feature request.

When you hover over the project a menu will appear to the right and you want to select WORK and left click on the link with the mouse
This should take you into the Work Items for this project where you can add a New Work Item, by left clicking on New Work Item with the mouse, and then Left clicking with the mouse on Feature.

The New Feature page will load.  Fill in the information being asked, and then left click with the mouse on the SAVE button

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