Communication Corner Session 2: Telephone Communication

Communication Corner Session 2:

Telephone Communication

Opal Business Solutions believes that being an effective communicator is important within a business. We will provide tips on how to be an effective communicator in our own, communication corner.

Talking on The Phone

  1. Adopt a positive tone
    1. Try talking with a smile on your face, it is hard not to be upbeat.
  2. Clear Enunciation
    1. Make sure everything is clearly stated
    2. No ambiguity
  3. Be Sincere
    1. People want to know they are getting your complete focus and do not want to feel they are being pushed aside.
  4. Ask Questions
    1. Ask questions periodically to ensure they are listening
    2. It will help you determine if they are engaged
  5. Use Their Name
    1. Personalizes the call and helps you remember their name
  6. Avoid Multi-Tasking
    1. Give them full attention as if they are in the room with you
    2. If taking notes, please let them know, so there is no awkward silence
  7. Avoid Speaker Phones
    1. Can pick up too many noises, and sound may not be clear
    2. Avoid cradling between neck and head as it creates muffled sound
  8. Choose Words Wisely
    1. Keeps words positive
    2. No slang
    3. No ambiguity
  9. Leave Them Satisfied
    1. Even if there is no resolution, make sure there is a clearly conveyed plan

Listening on The Phone

  1. Stay Focused
    1. The most important person at the time is on the other end of the phone
  2. Detect Emotions
    1. Listen for inflections
    2. Assess the tone of their voice
  3. Ask Questions
    1. Ask questions periodically to ensure you are focused
  4. Listen Attentively
    1. Verbal nods
      1. Thank you, please continue…
      2. Yes, please elaborate…
      3. Interesting, please continue…
  1. Don’t Interrupt
    1. This shows respect
  2. Pen and Paper Ready
    1. Always be able to record notes for easy review when the call is done
  3. Ask to Have It Restated
    1. If you missed something or could not hear them ask for them to repeat themselves
  4. Watch Stereotypes
    1. Do not make assumptions about how you think the call will go, it will create potential for an adverse or non-effective call
  5. Speed Prevents You From Listening
    1. If you are in a hurry to get off the phone, then you will not focus and the call will be a disaster
  6. Eliminate Distractions
    1. Make sure you are free from distractions
    2. Give full attention to the caller

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