Communication Corner Session 1: In-Person

Communication Corner Session 1: In-Person

Opal Business Solutions believes that being an effective communicator is important within a business. We will provide tips on how to be an effective communicator in our own, communication corner.

We learn to speak when children. We put words together to make sentences. Then we use the words to make arguments, demands, and even debate. We essentially communicate. However, we do not necessarily become effective communicators.

Being an effective communicator – means we have the ability to deliver a message in such a way that the listener has a clear comprehension of the exact meaning you intend to convey.

By not being an effective communicator we will find conveying our message difficult:

  • The target stops listening
  • We do not come across as experts
  • Language is too confusing
  • Contradicting terms leaves the message unclear

The 7 C’s to Becoming an Effective Communicator

First Three are HOW to make your message understood – Simplicity is key

  • Clear—Coherent, simple, and straightforward communication is essential.
  • Consistent—Unchanging and stable messages illustrate reliability.
  • Credible—Speaking the unequivocal truth helps you gain and keep trust.

The next four go to the person speaking

  • Confident—Self-assured composure boosts people’s impression of you.
  • Civil—Being courteous goes a long way.
  • Concise—Pick words to illustrate your point and drop anything superfluous.
  • Compassionate—Empathy and compassion endear you to others.

It’s not just words

Words are a very small part of what gets your message across.

  1. 55% -facial expressions and body language
  2. 37% -tone of voice
  3. 8%   -words

Since body language is such a big deal utilize these 5 techniques to have good body language:

  1. Eye Contact
  2. Uncross Arms
  3. Smile
  4. Pay Attention to Feet
  5. Do not look at hands/phone

When speaking don’t sound like a valley girl.  Don’t use um, ah, like, make dramatic pauses part of your normal speech.  Also, remove weak or superfluous words.

Example:  What would you remove from this sentence and why?

“I just want literally five minutes of your time.”

Just – makes you seem weak.

Literally – makes you sound as if what you normally say is a lie.

Even though speech, body language, and tone of voice are important, the most important feature of effective communication is to: LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN

An ancient quote by the Greek philosopher Epictitus illustrates the point perfectly:

“We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.”

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