Microsoft Forms


With the launch of Microsoft Forms, this easy- to use tool allows businesses to create internal or external surveys, quizzes, and polls to collect more information for customers, employees, and partners. 

You can create a survey or form in minutes with no training needed. Respondents can fill out the form using any browser and you don’t have to download a separate app.If you’re already using Office 365, you have access to Microsoft Forms.

To add a new form, simply click New Form

To create new questions, click the + sign

  • Choose from Choice, Text, Rating or Date questions

  • Even change the theme of the form/quiz

  • Be sure to specify if you would like to allow anyone with the link to respond OR only people in my organization
  • You can send these forms by
    • Send a form Link to others
    • Send a form QR Code
    • Embed in a webpage
    • Invite others to view your form or quiz through Email

To view responses from your form, click the response tab

  • This tab allows you to view how many responses, average time to complete and the status
  • If you wish to view the results in Excel, all information will be exported

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