Month: <span>July 2016</span>

Growing globally with landed cost automation

Reprint from Avalara Sales tax in the United States is complex, but because Americans are raised with it, the thousands of jurisdictions and special taxes seem to make (at least a kind of) sense.  As soon as a company starts making overseas exports, the level of complexity increases significantly — especially because many other countries […]

Developing Business Applications Using Native Mobile App or Mobile Web App

After being asked to come up with a high level design plan for a mobile application for one of our clients, I considered the ongoing controversy between developing applications using either Native Mobile Application or Mobile Web Application. What is a Native Mobile Application? An app that is for a certain mobile device (Android or […]


**Please note**   2014 was the LAST year end update for GP 2010…end of tax / updates is October of 2015…if you are on GP 2010, you will need to look at upgrading and planning.   Please contact us for further assistance