Management Reporter Web Viewer Prints Only One Page

If using the web viewer in Management Reporter, with the print destination set to the Screen, you may notice an issue where only the first page of a report will print.

The issue reported in known by Microsoft and a software patch is necessary to fix it. Below is Microsoft description of the issue:

KB 2855679: Only one page is printed from a report if printed from the report viewer (screen as print destination)

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Fix type: Kernel hotfix

Until the hotfix is applied, there are two ways around this issue:

  1. Export the report to a PDF file and print.
  2. When running report, change print destination to the printer.
    1. Click on button “Destinations…”
    2. Select Printer. Then “OK” button
    3.  Proceed to print report. Note that destination changed to a printer


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