Buckeye Relief Counts on Opal for Urgent Business Central Support

Opal Business Solutions Buckeye Relief

The Challenge

Buckeye Relief, an Ohio-based cannabis cultivator, encountered a challenging situation when they had to migrate from SAP to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central under a strict deadline. They needed to transition quickly and simultaneously train their team to use Business Central.

Opal's Solution

Business Central Support

Opal Business Solutions took action to provide Buckeye Relief with the immediate Business Central support they needed, focusing on the crucial task of formatting and updating their financial report layouts.

Hands-On Training

To equip Buckeye Relief’s CFO with the necessary expertise, an Opal team member dedicated a full day on-site for personalized training. The session ensured that the CFO had a thorough understanding of the core financial modules within Business Central.

"There was a drowning man at the end of the line and Opal jumped in and helped me figure out where land was."


With the help of Opal Business Solutions, Buckeye Relief was fully equipped to use Dynamics 365 Business Central confidently. Completing the financial report layouts proved to be essential for the company’s compliance, consistency, efficiency, and audit trail. As for the hands-on training with the CFO, Buckeye Relief’s Director of IT observed that “In just one day, the CFO successfully captured all the essential notes and had all his questions addressed.”

Opal continues to stand as a source of support for the company, always ready to provide assistance with their Business Central needs.

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