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Reasons why you need Office 365

Do you have trouble staying up to date with Microsoft Office? Are you tired of using the Office Online apps with limited functionality?  Office 365 is a great fit for small and mid-sized businesses, large enterprises, schools, and nonprofits. It allows employees to collaborate in many ways. Office 365 has different plans fit for any […]

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Importance of Mobile to Small Businesses

How is your business leveraging technology and innovation? Mobile technology continues to be an important role in the future of businesses. Without adapting to the constant changes in technology, your business could be missing out on opportunities.  More employees are preferring to do their work on their mobile devices- smartphones, tablets, etc. With the ability […]

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This email might be a scam. How can I tell?

Everyone is always worried about fraud.  From identity theft, credit card fraud, card readers, and even phone call fraud.  However, most people forget about email fraud.  Email fraud is one of the biggest scams today, and no company is immune.  A rash of recent email fraud is  targeting the finance departments of companies.  The scam […]

The Dish on Taxing Deliveries

Repost from Avalara What can’t be delivered today? For the right price, consumers can have a car delivered across the country, a sofa delivered from granny’s attic, and a gourmet meal delivered from a starred restaurant. Some businesses provide their own delivery services, some deliver via common carrier, and some partner with a third party […]


GP Workflow Tip!

If the Document Lines are not appearing or appearing in the wrong columns in the workflow email, remove the Selected Fields from the message setup and re-add in order. For example, if the email lines look like this: Go to the Message Setup, and remove all of the Selected Fields from the box on the […]