The Importance of Microsoft Teams Post-Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the working world. Businesses across the globe were shutting their doors, unsure when or if they’d open again. Others chose to move their operations online.

Of the businesses that went with the digital adaptation route, many put their faith in Microsoft Teams to successfully transform their workspace into one that cooperated with the “new normal”. Conference rooms became a screen with everyone’s faces in individual squares, stopping by a co-worker’s office became a “chat” conversation, and asking someone to sign a document became a shared file.

Microsoft Teams Users Chart

The collaborative digital environment of Microsoft Teams allowed businesses to continue operating despite the changes in work locations. Now, in 2022, whether their employees are in the office, at home, or both, organizations are still utilizing Teams for distributed work.

One of the most popular reasons businesses are sticking with the communication platform is its ability to streamline work. Sharing and working on projects with co-workers from anywhere at any time is a luxury that people can’t give up. Even if you’re all in the office, the convenience of seeing real-time edits on your screen is beneficial for working cohesively and completing tasks on time.

thumbnail image 3 captioned An image of a Microsoft Teams meeting via Attendee View demonstrating how meeting participants are able to edit the Excel spreadsheet from the meeting screen.

Source: Microsoft

Organizations also appreciate Teams’ chat-based communication method. Rather than reverting to back-and-forth emails, the chat feature allows teams to quickly send and reply to messages without worrying about crowded inboxes and long email threads. Group chats are also effective for sending private messages to certain members of your team. Plus, they are much easier to access than emails you have to dig for.Chat formatting

Source: Microsoft

The Microsoft suite integration is hard to beat as well. If your organization is already familiar with Microsoft apps, Teams makes it easy to use them without toggling between screens. Since Teams is equipped with security, you can continue working across apps with data protection, governance, and user privacy.

Overview of security and compliance - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

Source: Microsoft

Microsoft Teams also keeps you up to date while on the go with the user-friendly mobile app. Here’s an example of when the Teams mobile app comes in handy:

Although face-to-face meetings have been making a comeback, virtual ones are still happening each day. So, let’s say you’re currently in a Teams meeting on your desktop at 9:45 a.m. You have an in-person meeting at a client’s office at 10:00 a.m. Instead of leaving your current meeting while you travel to your next, Teams enables you to join the meeting on another device. You open the Teams mobile app and transfer the meeting from your desktop to your phone without missing a word.

Join a Teams meeting on a second device

Source: Microsoft

Even if your company is back in the office, the features within Microsoft Teams play a critical role in helping your team work efficiently. With the many challenges that have risen since 2020, Teams continues to give businesses confidence in their ability to communicate, collaborate, and operate under any circumstance.

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