Month: <span>May 2017</span>

Reasons why you need Office 365

Do you have trouble staying up to date with Microsoft Office? Are you tired of using the Office Online apps with limited functionality?  Office 365 is a great fit for small and mid-sized businesses, large enterprises, schools, and nonprofits. It allows employees to collaborate in many ways. Office 365 has different plans fit for any […]

The Importance of Strong Passwords

Do you remember what your first password was? It was probably something very simple like your petsname1 or awesome321. Password criteria has since changed over the years as we use technology more and more through our daily activities. Bank accounts, social media accounts, email accounts, credit card accounts, and much more, all require a password. […]

Microsoft Teams Introduction

Microsoft released a new way companies are communicating with one another by using Microsoft Teams in Office 365. Teams is a core application that allows employees to chat, call, schedule meetings, and store files in one location. This tool enables employees to be remote or global and still collaborate through a common work space. Some […]

Importance of Mobile to Small Businesses

How is your business leveraging technology and innovation? Mobile technology continues to be an important role in the future of businesses. Without adapting to the constant changes in technology, your business could be missing out on opportunities.  More employees are preferring to do their work on their mobile devices- smartphones, tablets, etc. With the ability […]